Genevieve Murphy

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Composer and theatre maker Genevieve Murphy had planned to present her new music theatre performance “I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own” at SPRING Festival Utrecht in May. Triggered by experiences growing up with a brother who has autism, her show is influenced by the subject of empathy. Currently, while rehearsals have been put on hold and communication generally taking place via social media, the subject of empathy has become even more urgent during these times of lockdown. Through the decision to focus on the musical material from the performance, Genevieve Murphy collaborated with Julian Hetzel to develop a music video for her song that will contribute to an album being released later this year titled, “I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own”. The album will coexist with the performance, now premiering at Utrecht SPRING in Autumn Festival, in October.
Music and performance: Genevieve Murphy
Video Director: Julian Hetzel  
Drums: Henning Luther
Electronic Beats: Le Schnigg
Mixing Mastering: Gary Shepherd
Dramaturg: Nienke Scholts
Commissioners: SPRING Performing Arts Festival, West Den Haag
With the support of: Nicole Beutler Projects