Genevieve Murphy

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At The Spot Where I Find Myself



Stuck in a position of indecision a woman becomes increasingly aware of her body in the space, observing her apartment as an extension of herself. “At The Spot Where I Find Myself” (2022) is an assemblage of memories, identities and projections giving you an intimate insight into Genevieve’s world. Provoking us to view our own places of safety where we can release emotions, find protection and hide she forms an alliance with the audience in the private space on stage that she calls “home” . This concert performance is awkward, disturbing, introvert, humorous and delicate, with spoken word, sound, visual art and performance running throughout.

Premier: 9th November 2022, Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, NL


Genevieve Murphy: Concept | Composition | Performance
Peter Leung: Final Direction
Nienke Scholts: Text Dramaturgy
Konstantina Georgelou: Dramaturg
Manuel Boutreur: Set Technician
Tim Vermeulen: Lighting design
Ruben Kieftenbelt: Sound engineer
Milena Haverkamp: Coordinator Stichting Rizoom
Yonina van Geel: Production
Colin Kassies: Technical Production
Nichole Beutler: Coach
Margreet Huizing: Financial manager
Gary Shepherd: Mixing Mastering
Amber Stallenberg: Touring technician
Een samenwerking met Stichting Rizoom & Nicole Beutler Projects

Isabelle le Poutré : Photographer
Leo van Emden: Registration

Thank you to: Gerri Jager, Margo van de inde, Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf and Taleah van Ras 

“Judging by the emotional and overwhelming ending … it is undoubtedly inherent that ambiguity and despair is simply carried within the composer and performer herself.”

“Individuality, collectivity, solidarity, intimacy and above all ambiguity make At The Spot Where I Find Myself perhaps Genevieve Murphy’s most personal performance to date.”

Paul Jansen, Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ

“The ability to mirror the abstraction of the initial questions show a loud and clear struggle with the possible answer. The strongest are the occasional poetic phrases that she occasionally echoes through the room. Sentences that always feel like the beginning or the end of a new chapter. Phrases that make us wonder who we are in this common scenario, such as ‘Everyday this home soaks in my state’ or ‘Have I arrived now? Can I breathe with this space now?’. There is a disarming quality to these moments that, ……..seem to capture a sense of self.” 

Dean Bowen, Theatrekrant

“Genevieve Murphy knows how to surprise time and time again and explores themes such as space and privacy. In this performance, she collaborated with the adventurous fashion artist Tom van der Borght.”

Daniël Kieft Curator – We Are Public



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