Genevieve Murphy

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Inspired by the concept of ‘self-destruction’, Genevieve is fascinated by the internal fight to resist destructive behaviour.

‘The One I Feed’ sketches a portrait of the conflict in a destructive mind, emphasising the attractiveness of this destructive behaviour and the euphoria it produces when you give in to it. Repeatedly feeding this harmful desire results in something far too complicated to give up.

Premier: 4th November 2018, Artemis, Den Bosch, NL

Concept, Composer & Director: Genevieve Murphy Musicians/Performers: Pieternel Berkers, Renée Bekkers (TOEAC) and Genevieve Murphy
Dramaturge: Nienke Scholts
Commissioned by: November Music 
Co-Produced by: Standplaats Utrecht and NB Projects
Supported by: Fonds Podium Kunsten NL 
Lighting Advisor: Jan Fedinger 
Technical and Scenography Advisor: Doan Hendriks
Technician: HP Hulscher
Photograph (above): Julian Hetzel