Genevieve Murphy

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★★★★ –

– “In its brevity – just over an hour long – I don’t want… delivers to the public a one woman show of tender delicacy, very rich, very poetic, very engaging, whose skilful construction – is still a live happening, previously elaborated yes, but partly improvised before our eyes – highlights the multifaceted talent, the multifaceted expressive richness, the strong inventive charge of its creator.”


– “In that hall (TivoliVredenburg) where so many people have danced into the night and where so many artists presented their music, Murphy takes her audience on a soundtrack, she composed, of her eighth birthday party, and whose heaving beats sometimes give that wonderful club feeling.”

“The headphones put the voices of the invitees in your brain, which suddenly brings those crazy characters from Scotland, twenty years ago, very close… This seems to me to be a godsend in this corona time.”



“For me to fear you, you must grant to be just, for in less than a moment you tread me to dust, certainly you have no cause for alarm for were I to try, I can do you no harm”

From an early age, composer and performer Genevieve Murphy developed a fascination for psychology and disability, in how people relate to each other and create emotional bonds.  Through her carefully composed works she brings to our awareness how we behave and respond. “I Don’t Want To Be An Individual All On My Own” (2020) is a search for real connection in an individualized world. Balancing on a tightrope between her fear and her curiosity for the unknown, Genevieve investigates the power of empathy by reflecting on an ordinary birthday party from her youth. Telling the story through a sonic narrative of pop, spoken word and sound sculptures, she invites you to listen to the soundscape of her mind, hoping your ear can be an entrance into a dialogue with your thoughts. 

Voertaal: Engels


Concept, performance, text, research, muziek: Genevieve Murphy
Techniek: Femke Diemer
Lichtontwerp: Prem Scholte Albers
Dramaturgie: Nienke Scholts, Justa ter Haar
Research: Lewis den Hertog, Nienke Scholts
Saxofonist: John Dikeman
Muziekproducers: Joel Thurman, Gary Shepherd
Eindregie: Keren Levi
Artistiek advies: Nicole Beutler
Met dank aan: Wouter van Veldhoven, Julian Hetzel, Manuel Boutreur
Productie: Nicole Beutler Projects
In samenwerking met: Standplaats Utrecht
Acquisitie en tourneeplanning: Theaterzaken Via Rudolphi
Campagnefotografie: Julian Hetzel, Vera Rijks
Grafisch ontwerp: studio l&rooth
Met steun van: Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

Photographer: Bas de Brouwer


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Password: 2020