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Andy Moor & Genevieve Murphy

Amsterdam based musicians Andy Moor and Genevieve Murphy mould and sculpt a unique combination of songs, poetry and improvisation. Moor’s spontaneous performances climb into Genevieve’s texts creating a visceral response to intangible emotions. Genevieve’s sound and visuality are entangled matters and thus her “performance compositions” are both sonic and visual – speaking both disturbing, poetic and recognisable texts that offer ‘as it were’ slices of ones head, in order to show “what happens inside”. The voice that “gives you advice from the air above your head” is a recurrent presence in this duo’s work, explaining the need to feel the peak of reality, increasing tension and unpredictability for themselves in their music.


























Andy Moor:

Born in London England 1962  Andy began his musical life in Edinburgh, Scotland playing guitar with the band Dog Faced Hermans.1990 he moved to the Netherlands after an invitation to join Dutch band The Ex which he is still a full time member of. 

The guitarist has collaborated with amongst others, Yannis Kyriakides (Cypriot composer), Anne James Chaton (french sound poet), Christine Abdelnour (Lebanese Paris based  saxophonist). He has also composed soundtracks for films eg. with Iranian filmaker Bani Khoshnoudi. His latest projects include a quartet with Ken Vandermark, Terrie Ex and Paal Nilssen Love called Lean Left. In November 2019  Andy began a new project with Marion Coutts from Dog Faced Hermans. In 2020 he began a duo with Scottish composer and performance artist Genevieve Murphy as well as in a larger band created by Genevieve with a.o John Dikeman. Other recent projects include a duo with pianist Marta Warelis. A duo with drummer Tony Buck and a duo with his partner- dancer Valentina Campora. End of 2021 also saw Andy begin work as a live DJ and radio producer as DJ ANDY EX and has been working with Amsterdam based Echobox Radio bringing a live show every four weeks on a Friday. The shows are all archived on Mixcloud, called “Blueprints For A Blackout”.

Genevieve Murphy:

Coming from a musical background consisting of piano, bagpipes and composition, Genevieve Murphy has been including performative elements in her compositions for as long as she can remember. She has assigned musicians to speak, asked them to read concentration tests as scores, given durational performances and played intimate recordings of her family. Increasingly writing herself into the live concert as a performer, musician and writer, her work is performed internationally between concert halls, galleries and theatre spaces.

‘Fine 5’ was nominated for the International Rostrum of Composers, representing The Netherlands in 2016. 2017, became a member of the Ulysses Network. Genevieve also received the Nieuwe Makers Subsidie from FPK in 2017, allowing the new maker to be produced by Nicole Beutler Projects. 2018, Genevieve became part of Standplaats Utrecht. In 2019 her solo, “Something In This Universe”, was Nominated for the ZKB Patronage Prize at Theater Spectacle, Zurich (CH) and the composer performer received an Honorary Membership from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire that same year. Genevieve is currently touring her third production titled “At The Spot Where I Find Myself”, produced by Stichting Rizoom and Nb Projects as well as composing a work for Netherlands Violin Competition and Sydney based ensemble Ensemble Offspring.