Genevieve Murphy

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36 Circle

Premiered 25th March, 2013 in Korzo, Den Haag
Composer, choreographer, concept: Genevieve Murphy
For 6 dancers, pre-recorded and live sound
21 minutes in length
Kim Tuerlings, Sjifra IJpma, Reut Aviran, Lisa Feij, Knyazeva Ksusha, Michael Wälti

– Finding physical relationships between the performers and audience.
– Forming ways for sound and movement to be inextricably linked.
‘Switcher pedals’ at the dancers starting positions move the sound from one speaker to another- affecting the sound in space and disrupting the flow of sound. Most sounds were sine waves which when moved between speakers, brought a physical effect upon the dancers and audience- partly due to ‘beats’, caused by two waves sounding microtonally apart from one another, and the physical effect of pure sounding tones moving between speakers.